How to Write a Love Letter

Handwritten love letters never go out of style

So you want to write a love letter?

Or, maybe you weren't planning on it, but then you saw this article and now you’re thinking about it. Love letters can be wonderful, but they can also easily be awful.

Sometimes they can put a little too much on the line, or can be misinterpreted as “too much.” Don’t let that stop you! And don’t panic. It’ll be okay. This will be a good thing.

While poetry is great, sometimes it’s best to avoid that route and opt for something a little more “real.” Poetry might sound beautiful, but most of us don’t think in those terms - and if you do, you probably aren't reading this article. You’re probably already writing poetry and giving it to people.

For the rest of us, don’t despair if you can’t rhyme or match syllable counts to some pre-determined form. It might be a good thing. People like love letters because they’re a very deliberate form of communication, and they tell the reader that you were thinking of them and how strongly you feel about them. Keep up with that theme.

Make a list of reasons you wanted to write a letter to them. Was it to get their attention? Was it to make their day a little better? Was it to make amends for some way that you hurt them? Get it all written down in a list. Now make a list of all the things you love about them. Mix some big reasons in with smaller reasons. Don’t make things up here. Go with things that are real and not exaggerated. If you go over the top, you might seem insincere. Okay, it’s time to start writing the letter. Start with telling your recipient why you’re writing it. Be honest. If you’re doing it just to catch the attention of someone you admire, say that. Your vulnerable approach will be refreshing.

If you’re writing to apologise for something and make amends, avoid placing blame on them... and also yourself. Address how your actions might have caused some negative emotions in them. Explain the circumstances that contributed to your state of mind without pointing the finger. End with a good note. Talk about why you like them. Talk about why you’re great together and how you want to keep doing that. Again, don’t overstate the situation. Your case isn’t helped if they don’t believe you.

Finally, make sure you have the right paper to write your love letter with. Beautiful stationery can make all the difference. ;)

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