7 Fun Facts about Easter

April 03, 2015

7 Fun Facts about Easter

Easter is here once again, and traditions and activities such as making and eating chocolate treats and decorating eggs make it so much fun. Here are some fun facts about Easter and Easter celebrations all across the world…

The name Easter owes it’s origin to Eostre or Eastre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of light and the dawn who was honoured at pagan festivals celebrating the arrival of spring.

In the United Kingdom on Easter Monday, many people take part in egg-rolling competitions. The rules are often different from place to place. At Preston, in Lancashire, children roll coloured hard-boiled eggs down the grass slopes in the local park. The person whose unbroken egg is the first to the bottom is the winner.
In the USA, Easter is the second biggest candy consuming holiday, after Halloween. Americans spend $2.1 billion purchasing 120 million pounds (54.4 million kilograms) of Easter confectionery annually, with 70% of that being chocolate. Chocolate bunnies are a very popular choice with 90 million made each year. 76% of Americans say they eat the ears first!
You will find egg hunts taking place in many areas of the world, including the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. The egg hunt is a game during which decorated eggs, real hard-boiled ones or eggs made of sugar candy or chocolate, of various shapes and sizes, are hidden in various places for children to find.
Egg decoration is a popular Easter tradition, particularly in Eastern European countries. Goose, duck and hen’s eggs are “blown” – a hole is made in each end and the contents of the egg are blown out. The egg is then decorated by carving, dyeing, painting and appliqué, as well as a number of other techniques.
The tallest chocolate Easter egg in the world was made in Italy in the year 2011. It measured 10.39 metres in height, weighed 7,200 kilograms and had a circumference of 19.6 metres at it’s widest point!
In Sweden, children dress up as Easter witches. Dressed in discarded clothes, gaily coloured headscarves and with red painted cheeks, they go from house to house in the neighbourhood and exchange paintings and drawings for sweets.
Coiled Easter Baskets
Apart from some lovely relaxation and family time, and eating chocolate of course, some art and craft or baking is always a nice way to spend some time during Easter. Here are some fun things to try… Bake some Easter cupcakes, pancakes or biscuits. Many kids love to get into the kitchen to help make Easter treats (and to help lick the bowl of course!). Here is a great recipe for quick and easy Easter Nests:
Make an Easter basket! Some Easter baskets are reusable, so can be used for the Easter egg hunt every year. The coiled fabric Easter basket is made of cord, fabric strips and glue. Let the kids fill the basket with treasures found on an egg hunt, or simply fill the basket yourself with Easter treats to give as a gift.
Do something as simple as drawing an Easter scene or downloading and colouring some Easter themed colouring pages.
Dye or paint eggs or make egg people by simply decorating eggs with textas! Or what about making toilet roll puppets?

However you choose to celebrate, have a happy, fun and safe Easter from all of us at Padtastic Personalised Notepads! 
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