Back to School!

733 dSo, who else is excited about the kids going back to school? Me! Me! Me! It's an exciting time of year for parents and kids alike. That feeling of relief we felt when school finished last year has evaporated and we are just waiting for the fresh relief we'll feel when we say goodbye to our kids again at the bus stop or school gates. It's amazing how much things can change in six weeks! And only a few weeks into the school term , we'll be wishing it was holidays again! Of course for some it's the fresh excitement of dropping your child at school for the very first time. Nothing compares to that happysad feeling, does it? Although most of you are probably all ready and rearing to go for the start of school next week, we found a great "Back to School Sanity Savers" list over on the Kidspot website that has some great suggestions for a smooth back to school transition and school year. Take a look here. And while you're there, check out their bounty of lunchbox recipes. I'll be trying a few of these this year to try and please my fussy little eater! Don't forget, our personalised notepads are great for jotting down notes for teachers (from parents and students alike), the school office, or even for writing a special note to hide in your child's lunchbox!

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