How to Make Someone Feel Special

Feel_SpecialThe feeling of being appreciated, loved and acknowledged is a wonderful thing. Life can get busy and often it’s nice to take a step and make a few kind gestures to those around you to let them know that they are appreciated. Small gestures of kindness can really make someone’s day. Here are few things to inspire you so you can make someone feel special today: Offer a compliment A few kind words can really lift someone’s spirits. Make it your goal to offer at least 1 compliment a day to someone you know. Whether it’s your partner, children, work colleague or the coffee barista at your favourite café! Surprise them with a gift A token of appreciation, really goes along way. Padtastic Personalised Notepads are a great way to say thankyou and complement flowers and chocolates quite well! Write a heartfelt note Whether it’s a note on the kitchen bench to your spouse to have a nice day, or an inspiring note in your child’s lunchbox, or simply a thank-you note to a client or colleague. It will really make their day. Make them their favourite food A plate of chocolate cookies for the team at work will never go astray! A small gesture with food is always appreciated by all! Whether it’s your mum, husband, kids, school teachers… is a great way to say thanks. Tell them how you feel Simply express to them how much you appreciate them. Be sincere and they will appreciate it. Our compliment for the day - “Oh my, doesn’t that notepad look fantastic on your desk! Great choice!”

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