Get Organised with your Shopping List

November 28, 2014


Woman shopping at the supermarket

Whether you enjoy your trip to the grocery store or not, getting organised with your shopping list will save not only time but money.

You may be thinking "I think I know how to write a shopping list thanks very much". You write what you need, you head to the grocery store and it’s done.

Well, I guarantee this method has you running to the store more than just once a week because of all the items you missed.

Here we will give you a few tips on how to organise your shopping list to save your time, money and sanity.

Keep a running list and add to it throughout the week as you notice certain items need to be replenished. Whether it’s on a notepad, whiteboard, word document or smartphone app, use whatever format that works best for you. Because I guarantee when you are almost out of sugar and you don’t write it down straight away, it will get missed when you do your shopping.
Plan your meals for the week. Take a look at the recipes for your planned meals and jot down all of the items required and their quantities. Check your current inventory to see what you already have and put the items you don’t have on your list.
Check your food staples. These are basic food items that you always seem to need around the house. Milk, bread, butter, cereal, toothpaste. Everyone has their own basic list of items that they order on a weekly basis. Perhaps type out a master list of staples that you can tick off each time you put your list together, so you don’t miss anything.
When writing your list, group items together as they are found in the store. Dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables etc. This will definitely help you as you move through the store.
Try to stick to your list when you are at the store. Only buy what you need. You didn't organise your list and plan your meals to throw whatever suits your fancy into the trolley.

And most importantly - don't forget to take it with you...!


By reviewing these tips and staying organised with your shopping lists, you will save unnecessary extra trips to the shop during the week – save time, save money, save your sanity!

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