Uses for the Humble Notepad

Padtastic_Notepad_SamplesThe humble notepad has a variety of uses in day-to-day life and can really vary depending on who you are and how you like to organise yourself. Personally, I have a notepad in my car, in my kitchen, a few in my office, in my handbag and when in doubt – I head to the kids room, where my notes are made on love heart post-its or notepads with unicorns on them. Here are a few uses I have seen and heard of for the humble notepad:
  • School:  teachers, staff, students – who doesn’t love a good notepad?
  • Office:  Used by staff to organise their day, or simply use notepads to brand and market the business, notepads are always get good traction in the office.
  • Parties: Whatever the occasion, personalised notepads are fun party gifts.
  • Playtime: Kids just love notepads. They write, draw, colour, give notes to friends and family. Give a child some colour pencils and a notepad and they will be entertained for hours.
  • Gifts: Personalised notepads simply make great gifts. Whether it’s for Christmas or a Birthday, a thank you gift for teachers or friends… a notepad will always get used.
Notepads are a great way to jot down ideas, notes and to-do's. They help us get organised, remember what we need to do and to write messages. Tell us about your notepads and what you find them best for!

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