What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

HandwritingMany experts have long said that your handwriting says something about your character, personality and abilities. Did you know that your handwriting could show up to 5000 different personality traits?! Let's have some fun and talk about what your handwriting might say about you: Spacing between words – narrow spacing between letters and words can indicate you don’t like to be alone while wide spacing shows that you enjoy your freedom and don’t like to be overcrowded. Slanting – if your writing slants to the right you are open to new experiences, if your writing slants to the left, you like to keep to yourself and are quite a private person. Shape of your letters – connected letters indicate you are a logical person and make careful decisions, rounded letters show you are creative, while pointed letters you are very intelligent and intense. Dotting your i’s – if your dot is immediately above your letter you are very organised, to the left, you like to procrastinate, high above the i, you have a great imagination and if you circle your dots, you are child-like. Crossing your t’s – if you cross at the very top of the t you have good self-esteem, in the middle you are confident. If your cross is long, you are determined and perhaps stubborn, while if your cross is short, you tend to lack determination. Pressure of your pen – heavy pressure with you pen shows you are good with commitments while light pressure of your pen shows you are a sensitive person. Speed – If you are quite a fast writer, it shows that you can get impatient, while if you’re a slow writer, it means you tend to be more organized. There are many studies into the world of Graphology (the study of handwriting) and while we are just having some fun here today, take some time to really investigate the meaning of your handwriting – you might find it will surprise you!

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