The Birthday Party

The Birthday PartyAs a mum, I have been to quite a few kids’ birthday parties, not to mention I have had to plan a few myself. The invitations, the food, the games, the party bags…….then the clean up. The day is hectic, kids are loving every moment of their special day and there is nothing more special for their friends than to get a party bag at the end of the day. Just what they need right, more lollies after a day of gorging on sweets. Well, I am happy to say that when I organised personalised notepads for the little guests at my daughter’s party, they were ecstatic. What child doesn’t like a colourful, fun notepad with their name on it. Needless to say, the party was a hit and kids went home with a fun and unique gift that will last a little longer than some more candy in their pockets.

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