Writing Lists and Keeping Organised

WRITING LISTS AND KEEPING ORGANISEDIt’s time to get organised! And I don’t mean the 10 post-it notes on the fridge (including the one that fell on the floor), the scribbled reminders on the back of your hand, or the back of a docket you found in your purse or car, or the scrap piece of paper or note on the side of the paper. It sounds like you like writing notes….but keeping track of them maybe your problem. So we want to talk about putting a few systems in place that will have you continue writing your notes, but keep you organised while you do it! Long-Term List – These would be things that need to be done but not necessarily today. I use this list for things like – Clean out the Pantry, Buy new photo frames for Kids rooms, Sand & stain outdoor setting, clean out the garage etc etc. The list can get pretty long, but it doesn’t matter – it’s all in one place. Weekly to-do List – This is a list of everything you need to accomplish this week. It’s all about planning. Sit down on a Sunday night. Plan your week. What have you got going on, what needs to be done. Write it down. Even some items from your Long-term list can make an appearance! Things like errands that you need to get done, forms you need to fill out, bills that need to get paid, packages that need to be sent, presents that need to be bought etc etc. Today’s do-do List – Whether you have a lot going on or not, everyone needs a to-do list for their day. Work or at home, it keeps you moving, prioritizing and charging on through your day. The key to all of this writing lists, is to make sure you have a notepad handy when the idea or thought arises. Keeping one close – whether in your handbag, car, office, kitchen. At the end of the day, everyone has their own way of keeping organised (or not). So find what works for you and run with it!

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