Confessions of a Notepad Lover

Notepad gift ideasI have a confession to make. I just love my notepads. I am a pen and paper girl and I like  my lists, I like making notes and l like to be organised. I work, I have kids and life is busy. I have about 5 different notepads floating around my desk, not to mention a couple in my car and about 5 around the house. Most the time the notepads I use are branded with corporate logos and promotional messages or I have made up using recycled paper (you know when you cut up some old printed paper into quarters and staple at the top….hmm …maybe that’s just me.) So, when I decided to purchase some notepads from Padtastic as some Christmas Gifts…I was in heaven. My girls got so excited. Picking designs for themselves, then for their friends, then of course their teachers. Not to forget the immediate family and all of a sudden I was surrounded by notepads. Everyone absolutely loved them!  My kids were writing handwritten notes to their friends and drawing pictures to blue tac to the wall. Their friends mums were asking were we got them from and my family just loved them. It was fun because we could pick a design that suited their personality and then personalise the message on top of the pad. So the moral to the story as far as I am concerned……everyone loves notepads!

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